Kidney Cancer

There are three different kinds of cancer and renal cell carcinoma is the most common. Kidney cancer can affect one or both kidneys simultaneously.


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Kidney Cancer Association

The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) is a charitable organization made up of patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and other health professionals dedicated specifically to the eradication of renal cancers. 

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National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation, a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney diseases, and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.

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Kidney Cancer Research Alliance 

The Kidney Cancer Research Alliance (KCCure) is a grassroots organization of patients, caregivers, doctors and medical researchers dedicated to curing kidney cancer through increased funding that accelerates research.

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Kidney Cancer Coalition

The Kidney Cancer Coalition is a grassroots movement formed to support patient advocacy and accelerate kidney cancer research through direct financial support of cutting-edge researchers to better understand, treat, and ultimately cure kidney cancer.

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Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation

The Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to providing patients, survivors, and caregivers with education and support.

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American Cancer Society

General information about the disease, risk factors, diagnosis and beyond. 
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Mayo Clinic

An overview of kidney cancer with links to more in-depth information.
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National Cancer Institute

A general overview of the three main types of kidney cancer. 
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Kidney Cancer Advocacy Resource Flashcard

Learn about the role of advocacy organizations in providing support for patients with cancer.

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Cancer Care

The mission of CancerCare is to provide free professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. Learn More

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing support, education, and hope to people affected by cancer and their loved ones. Learn More

Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is dedicated to pursuing research in and advancing awareness of immunotherapy for cancer. Learn More

Living with Kidney Cancer

American Cancer Society - Practical tips for living as a survivor and information to address concerns after treatment. Learn More

Mayo Clinic - Offers information about coping and support as well as in-depth information on other topics. Learn More

National Cancer Institute - An overview on adjusting to cancer, dealing with self-image, and support for caregivers. Learn More

Community Resources

Smart Patients - An online community for patients and families to learn, ask questions and share concerns. Learn More

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