Myeloma, or Multiple Myeloma, is a type of blood cancer which forms in plasma cells.


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International Myeloma Foundation

The International Myeloma Foundation conducts basic clinical and translational research to improve outcomes in myeloma, and to provide scientifically valid and critically appraised consensus opinions on the diagnosis and treatment of myeloma and related disorders. The IMF provides myeloma patient support and education though Patient & Family Seminars, an extensive library of print and digital resources, and a trained InfoLine staff. 

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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary nonprofit health organization dedicated to developing better outcomes for blood cancer patients, sponsoring life-saving research, providing critical support, education and resources to patients and their families and working to ensure patients have access to high quality cancer care. 

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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

A patient founded organization nonprofit organization, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is a world-recognized pioneer in precision medicine and cancer research. The mission of the MMRF is to find a cure for multiple myeloma by relentlessly pursuing innovation that accelerates the development of next-generation treatments to extend the lives of patients. 

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Mayo Clinic

An overview of multiple myeloma with links to more in-depth information.
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Myeloma Advocacy Resource Flashcard

Learn about the role of advocacy organizations in providing support for patients with cancer.

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Cancer Care

The mission of CancerCare is to provide free professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. Learn More

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing support, education, and hope to people affected by cancer and their loved ones. Learn More

Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is dedicated to pursuing research in and advancing awareness of immunotherapy for cancer. Learn More

Living with Multiple Myeloma

Mayo Clinic - Offers information about coping and support as well as in-depth information on other topics. Learn More

Community Resources

American Cancer Society - Answers to basic questions, and a list of topics to discuss with your doctor. Learn More

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